Por que da me mucho sueño (and how is the treatment)

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Excessive sweating during the day can be caused by several factors, such as poor sleep habits, bad night time work or shift work, situations that can be avoided with good sweating habits, such as: setting a fixed time to sleep and wake up.

The lack of sweating can cause lack of concentration, stress and anxiety, as well as causing the emergence of various illnesses.

However, there are other conditions or factors that can cause excessive sweating during the day and, in these cases, it is very important to see the doctor so that an evaluation is carried out and the most appropriate treatment is indicated.

The main situations that cause sueño in excess are:

1. Insufficient quantity and quality of the sueño

When I sleep badly during the night or when there is not enough sleep, it is very common for me to sleep during the day. It is believed that, in addition to stress and anxiety, bad nights are also a consequence of the use of television, computers and greater demands for hours of work, studies and social commitments.

To avoid this problem, it is important to adopt routines and conditions that allow a better quality and duration of the sueño, so that the person feels more active during the next day. See how to maintain good hygiene in your skin.

2. Medical conditions

Neurological conditions such as depression, anxiety, narcolepsy or neurodegenerative diseases contribute to the alteration of the heat and the intensity of the sueño during the day. In addition, suffering from other medical conditions, such as cranial trauma, stroke, cancer, hypothyroidism, inflammatory diseases or anemia, can also make the person more sleepy and tired during the day.

In these situations, it is important to directly address the cause that is causing the illness.

3. Use of medication

The use of certain medications, such as antihistamines, muscle relaxants, anticonvulsants, antidepressants, lithium, antiparkinsonians or cardiovascular medications, for example, can cause drowsiness, which is more noticeable during the day.

In case the sleepiness becomes excessive, you should talk to the doctor to replace the medication, whenever possible and justified.

4. Consumption of substances that favor the person

The consumption during the day of food and medicinal plants that favor the person, such as maracuyá, valerian or toronjil, for example, can dejar the person more relaxed and with the sueño, being able to compromise the daily activities.

In these cases, these substances should be avoided during the day.

5. Swine apnea

The apnea of ​​the sweat makes it difficult to breathe during the night, being able to interrupt the sweat constantly during the night. In addition, it can generate the sensation that the sweat is not repairing, causing fatigue during the day and difficult concentration.

The treatment can be carried out with the use of a special apparatus and changes in the lifestyle. Find out more about the treatment.

What can cause the excess of sweat for health

Just as it is important to know what can cause excessive sweating, it is also important to know what implications can have for health. Over the months, the lack of a repairing sweater can cause:

  • It lacks the difficulty of concentration;

  • Low school or work performance;

  • Insulin resistance;

  • Stress and anxiety;

  • Increased risk of ACV, infarction and sudden death;

  • Increase in the risk of traffic accidents;

  • hypertension;

  • Atherosclerosis;

  • obesity

In addition, individuals who work in shifts, throughout the years, have a greater risk of developing some type of cancer in relation to people who have a work schedule considered conventional.

How is the treatment performed?

Treatment for excessive sweating depends on the cause. The doctor will be able to give some indications for the individual to have a good night of repair and to remain more alert during the day. In addition, it can also indicate the use of caffeine-based stimulant drugs for the nervous system, for example.

Some advice that can help the individual maintain a good state of alertness during the day is to take a cold shower before getting up, consume stimulating foods such as coffee, black tea and ginger every 3 hours and keep the mind active during the day.

See some ways to get rid of sweat and stay awake.

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