Serum elevation (high or low): what is it, what is it for and normal values

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The serum balance analysis has the objective of evaluating the concentration of blood in the blood, being able to identify if there is a deficiency or overload of this mineral, which may indicate nutritional deficiencies, anemia or liver problems, for example, depending on the quantity of blood. in the blood stream.

The hierro is an important mineral for the organism, and it allows the union of oxygen with hemoglobin, favoring its transport throughout the body, participates in the process of formation of erythrocytes and helps in the development of some important enzymes for the organism.

what is it for

The analysis of the serum hierro is requested with the aim of evaluating whether the person has a deficiency or an overload of blood, thus obtaining the diagnosis. Normally, the measurement of serum levels is requested when the doctor observes that the results of other analyzes are altered, such as the blood count, mainly the quantity of hemoglobin, ferritin and transferrin, which is a protein produced by the liver and its function is transport the hierro hacia the marrow, spleen, liver and muscles. Know more about the normal values ​​of transferrin and what it is used for.

The measurement of the serum level is carried out by means of the analysis of blood obtained in a laboratory sample, and the normal value may vary according to the diagnostic method used, normally being:

  • children: 40 to 120 µg/dL
  • men: 65 to 175 µg/dL
  • women: 50 170 µg/dL

It is recommended to carry out a day of at least 8 hours and go to the laboratory for the blood sample for the morning, since when the levels of hierro are higher. In addition, it is important not to take any supplements for at least 24 hours before the exam in order not to change the result. Women who use contraceptives must inform them when they obtain the sample so that they can consider when the analysis is performed, and that contraceptives can change their hierro levels.

high serum hierro

When the blood levels are increased in the blood stream, some symptoms can manifest, such as abdominal and joint pain, heart problems, weight loss, fatigue, muscle weakness and decreased libido. The increase in the values ​​of the serum hierro may be due to:

  • Food rich in hierro;
  • Hemochromatosis;
  • Hemolytic anemia;
  • Intoxication by hierro;
  • Liver diseases, such as cirrhosis and hepatitis;
  • Frequent blood transfusions.

In addition, the increase in the serum level can be a result of excessive supplementation of blood or high consumption of supplements or foods rich in vitamin B6 or B12.

How is it treated?

The treatment to reduce the amount of serum hierro will depend on the cause behind its increase, being able to indicate changes in the diet, phlebotomy or taking of hierro chelating drugs, which are added to the hierro preventing it from accumulating in the body. Find out more about the treatment of excess of hierro en la sangre.

low serum level

The decrease in the amount of blood volume can be observed through the emergence of some symptoms, such as excessive tiredness, difficulty concentrating, pale skin, hair loss, lack of appetite, muscle weakness and tenderness, for example. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of hierro deficiency.

The low serum hierro can be a consequence of indicating some situations, such as:

  • Decreased quantity of consumed hierro;
  • Abundant menstrual flow;
  • Gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • Alteration in the process of hierro absorption by the organism;
  • Chronic infections;
  • Neoplasms;
  • embarrassment.

The main consequence of the low serum level is iron deficiency anemia, which is presented by a decrease in blood pressure in the body, decreasing the amount of hemoglobin and erythrocytes. This type of anemia can be presented by a decrease in the amount of food consumed in the diet, as well as by gastrointestinal alterations that make the absorption process more difficult. Learn more about iron deficiency anemia and its treatment.

How is it treated?

In case the doctor confirms the decrease in blood pressure and the other analyzes are found to be altered, it may be recommended to increase the consumption of foods rich in hierro, such as meats and vegetables. In addition, depending on the quantity of hierro and the result of the other analyses, a supplement of hierro may be necessary, which must be prescribed by a doctor so that there is no excess in its consumption.

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