Oxalate: what are the foods that contain it

The oxalate is a substance that can be found in various foods of vegetable origin, such as spinach, betabel, quimbombó and cacao in polvo, for example, when it is consumed in excess, it can favor the formation of stones in the kidneys, because high amounts from this composition in the organism they are capable of influencing the absorption of minerals, such as calcium, sodium and potassium.

Therefore, it is recommended to consume foods rich in oxalate in a moderate way to avoid the formation of calcium oxalate stones in the kidneys and, as a consequence, the development of symptoms such as intense back pain and painful urination.

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List of foods rich in oxalates

The oxalate can be found in several foods of vegetable origin, however, the concentration of this substance in them is not enough to represent risks when they are consumed in small spaces.

In the following table are indicated some foods rich in oxalates and the quantity of these in 100 grams of food:

Foods Quantity of oxalates in 100 g of food
boiled spinach 750 mg
Betabel 675 mg
Cacao in octopus 623 mg
pepper 419 mg
Spaghetti with tomato salsa 269 ​​mg
soy fritters 207 mg
nueces 202 mg
roasted cockatoo 187 mg
Quimbombo 146 mg
Chocolate 117 mg
perejil 100 mg

Although the amount of oxalate is not enough to cause damage to health, when these foods are consumed in excess or when they form part of a diet rich in calcium, there is a greater risk of stone formation in the kidneys, and they are minerals form a complex and can accumulate in the organism.

In addition, large amounts of oxalate can interfere with the absorption of other minerals in the body, which could cause nutritional deficiencies, gastrointestinal irritation, alteration in the blood clotting process and involuntary muscle contractions.

How to reduce dietary oxalates

To reduce the amount of oxalate without excluding foods from the diet, it is important to consume them only after scalding them with boiling water and discarding the first cooking water, which is very important to do especially with the spinach because they are very rich in oxalates.

This is because it is not necessary to completely exclude all vegetables rich in oxalates from the diet, as they are also rich in hierro and other important nutrients for a balanced diet.

A diet for kidney stones, for example, must have a low daily intake of oxalates, which must not exceed 40 to 50 mg/day, which corresponds to not eating more than one cup of betabel per day, for example.

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