Strabismus treatment: exercise and surgery

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The treatment for strabismus in adults usually starts with the use of glasses or contact lenses to correct the vision difficulties that may be producing or aggravating the problem. However, when this type of treatment is not enough, the ophthalmologist can recommend performing eye exercises once a week in the hospital, and diary at home, with the aim of improving the coordination of the muscles and helping to focus better. the objects.

In the most serious cases in which it is not possible to correct the strabismus with the use of glasses and eye exercises, a surgical intervention may be necessary to balance the muscles and correct the problem.

main causes

The strabismo can be produced by defects in 3 different places:

  • Muscles That Mueven Los Ojos;
  • Nerves that transmit information from the brain had the muscles to move;
  • Part of the brain that directs the movement of eyes.

For this reason, strabismus can manifest itself in a child, when the problem is related to the lack of development of one of these places, which occurs frequently in cases of Down syndrome or cerebral palsy, for example in adults, due to problems such as cerebrovascular accident, cranial trauma, or even a strike in the eye.

Strabismus can be classified into 3 types, divergent strabismus, when the eye is deviated from the outside, and in the direction of the external part of the face, convergent strabismus, when the eye is deviated from the nose, and strabismus vertical, when the ojo deviates from the top down.

How is the surgery performed?

Generally, the surgery for strabismo is carried out under general anesthesia, so that the doctor can make cuts in the muscles of the eye to balance the strengths and align the eye. In most cases, this surgery does not leave a scar and the recovery is relatively fast.

Correction of strabismus through exercise

A good exercise that helps to coordinate the eye muscles and improve strabismus consists of:

  1. Put a finger stretched around 30 cm around the nose;
  2. Put the other hand’s finger between the nose and the outstretched finger;
  3. Look at the finger that is more close and focus on that finger until you see double the finger more lejano;
  4. Slowly move the finger that is closer, always trying to focus on the closer finger to observe the doubled finger;

This exercise must be repeated for 2 to 3 minutes every day, without embargo, the ophthalmologist can recommend other exercises to complete the treatment at home.

When the treatment is not carried out properly in the childhood, the person can develop amblyopia, when there is a problem of vision in the affected eye, it generally focuses less than the other eye, since the brain produces a mechanism to ignore the image different that arrives from this ojo.

Therefore, the treatment must be started after the diagnosis, by means of the placement of an antifaz in the healthy eye, with the objective of forcing the brain to use the other eye and develop the muscles on that side.

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