How to do a low yodo diet (with example menu)

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The low iodine diet is usually indicated mainly 2 weeks before performing the treatment with radioactive iodine for thyroid cancer. However, this diet can also be used in people who have hyperthyroidism, and avoiding the consumption of foods rich in iodine will help to reduce the production of thyroid hormones.

In the case of thyroid cancer, some studies indicate that the restriction of iodine in the diet is necessary so that the tumor cells, which may have remained in the body after the surgery, absorb enough radioactive iodine or 131 during the iodotherapy destroying then these cells and completing the treatment of the illness. See more about radioactive iodine.

Some of the foods that should be avoided because they are rich in iodine are fish with salted water, seafood and huevo yolk, for example.

Foods to Avoid

The foods to avoid in this diet are those that contain more than 20 micrograms of iodine per serving, these are:

  • yodized salt, It is necessary to see the label to confirm that it does not contain added iodine;

  • snacks industrialized;

  • Salad water fish such as mackerel, salmon, hake, bacalao, sardines, herring, trout, tuna;

  • algae comonori, kelp, wakame, including the seaweeds that come with sushi;

  • Natural supplements like chitosanfor example, which is prepared from shellfish;

  • seafood such as shrimps, lobsters, shellfish, oysters, calamares, pulpos y cangrejos;

  • food additives from the sea, such as carrageenans, agar-agar, sodium alginate;

  • processed meats such as jamón, pavo, bologna, sausage, tocino;

  • Viscera like liver and kidneys;

  • Soya and its derivatives, such as tofu, milk, salsas and oil;

  • yema de huevosalsas based on huevos, dressings for salads, mayonnaise;

  • hydrogenated grease y industrialized products, such as galletas and prepared pies;

  • Salsas y aderezos, such as tomato salsa, mustard, English parsley;

  • Milk and derivativessuch as yogurt, cheese, cheese in general, butter, cream of milk, whey protein, casein and foods that contain dairy products;

  • sweets que contengan leche o yema de huevo, chocolate con leche;

  • harinas: bread, bakery products in general that have salt or huevos, galletas and bizcochos that contain salt or huevos, grilled galletas and morning cereals;

  • canned fruits or in almíbar and yoke in octopus or industrialized;

  • vegetables: berro, apio españa or célery, coles de bruselas, repollo and canned foods, such as aceituna, palm hearts, encurtidos and maíz;

  • Drinks: té mate, té verde, té negro, cerveza, instant or soluble coffee and cola-based refreshments;

  • dyes: avoid processed foods. Some tablets and capsules poseen coloring red, orange or brown, consult your doctor to know if it is necessary to discontinue its use.

Furthermore, it is important to avoid going to restaurants or eating fast food, as it is difficult to know if they are using yodated salt or not for cooking. These foods are not prohibited for life when it comes to thyroid cancer, they should only be avoided during treatment. In the case of hyperthyroidism, it must be consumed at a low frequency while the illness is affected and the values ​​of thyroid hormones are altered.

Moderate consumption foods

These foods contain a moderate amount of iodine, ranging from 5 to 20 micrograms per serving.

  • Fresh meats: up to 170 g per day of meats such as chicken, beef, pork, oveja and ternera;

  • grains and cereals: pan without salt, bizcochos without salt, galletas de agua and harina, pasta without huevo, rice, oats, barley, harina, corn and wheat. These foods must be limited to 4 servings per day, each serving is equivalent to approximately 2 tenedores of spaghetti or 1 pan per day;

  • Rice: 4 servings of rice per day are also allowed, as an option for basmati rice. Each serving has about 4 tablespoons of rice.

The yodo content in these foods varies depending on the growing area and the preparation method for consumption, which may be more convenient for cooking and preparing food at home, eating outside or buying prepared foods at the supermarket.

Allowed Foods

To replace the prohibited foods during the treatment with iodine, you should prefer the consumption of the following foods:

  • salt in yoda;

  • Clara de huevo and freshwater fish;

  • raw vegetables or cooked, except those mentioned in the avoidance list;

  • vegetables: frijoles, guisantes, lentejas, garbanzos;

  • thanks: corn oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, margarine without salt;

  • sweets: sugar, honey, marmalade, gelatin, fruit ice cream without red coloring;

  • Specials: garlic, pepper, onion, perejil, chives and fresh or dehydrated natural species;

  • Fresh fruitdried or natural juices, except cherries and maraschino;

  • Drinks: instant coffee and tea, sparkling wine without red coloring # 3, coconut milk, almond milk, avena milk;

  • Dry fruits without salt, cocoa butter or almond butter without salt;

  • Other foods: oatmeal, papa, avocado, linaza or chia seeds, homemade palomitas without salt, homemade bread and ponqués (without yodada salt, butter and huevo entero).

These foods are the ones that can be consumed in the two weeks prior to the iodotherapy treatment, or according to the time recommended by the doctor.

Low yodo diet menu

The table below shows an example menu for 3 days of this diet:


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


1 cup of filter coffee accompanied by egg whites with vegetables

Avena atoll prepared with almond milk

1 cup of filter coffee accompanied by chia pudding with chopped fruit

Morning meal

1 slice of corn with cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of chia seeds

A handful of dried fruits and 1 pear

Avocado smoothie prepared with milk and avena milk


Fillet of pollo in homemade tomato salsa accompanied by rice, beans and lechuga salad, tomato and zanahoria garnished with vinegar and coconut oil

Calabacin paste with ground beef in natural tomato salsa, homemade with oregano or albahaca

Couscous with vegetables sautéed in coconut oil accompanied by a fillet of peacock

afternoon snack

Homemade palomites without salt

Papaya smoothie prepared with coconut milk

Homemade bread (without yodated salt, butter and huevo) with cacahuate butter

The cantidades of the menu vary from one person to another, and it is necessary to take into account the age, sex, physical activity and what is the associated illness, because the ideal is to go to a nutritionist to carry out a complete evaluation and prepare a nutritional plan suited to your needs.

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