Cuello hinchado: 6 main causes and what to do

The swollen skin can be due to a flu, a cold or infections in the throat or the ear, for example, which causes an increase in the size of the lymph nodes present in the skin. For the general, the hinchazón del cuello is easily solved; However, when it is accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, pain in the lymph nodes when touching them, loss of weight or weight gain without an apparent cause, it can be indicative of more serious situations, such as cancer and Cushing’s syndrome, for example.

Therefore, it is important to observe the progress of the hinchazón, so you should go to the doctor when it lasts more than 3 days or it appears accompanied by other symptoms. In this way, the doctor will be able to carry out tests to identify the cause of the hinchazón and then start the most suitable treatment.

The main causes of the swollen skin are:

1. Increase in the size of the lymph nodes

The lymph nodes, also known as lymph nodes or lymph nodes, are small glands that are distributed throughout the body and that are more concentrated in English, the armpits and the body, whose function is to allow the good functioning of the immune system and, for ende, be responsible for fighting infections.

The increase in the size of the lymph nodes is usually indicative of infections or inflammation, so it is possible to notice a mild swelling associated with a small nodule in these cases. In this way, the hinchazón del cuello due to the increase in the size of the lymph nodes can be indicative of flu, colds and sore throat, for example, and it is more common in children.

Discover the main causes of enlarged lymph nodes.

What to do: In the event that the lymph nodes are determined to increase in size with the passage of time, due to other symptoms such as persistent fever, for example, it is important to see a doctor so that the cause can be investigated and a more appropriate treatment initiated.

2. Thyroid problems

Some alterations in the thyroid can cause swelling in the skin, mainly the goiter, which is characterized by an increase in the size of the thyroid gland as a way to compensate for the production of thyroid hormones due to hypothyroidism, for example.

What to do: If you suspect thyroid problems, it is important to consult an endocrinologist so that imaging and laboratory tests can be carried out to confirm the diagnosis. The treatment is carried out according to the cause of the throat and can be carried out through the administration of yodo or hormone replacement, for example.

Know other diseases related to the thyroid.

3. Papers

Las paperas, a condition scientifically known as parotiditis, is an infectious disease caused by a virus that lodges in the salivary glands, which promotes the swelling of the face and, mainly, the lateral part of the skin.

What to do: The best way to prevent paper diseases is through the administration of the triple viral vaccine, which protects against parotitis, measles and rubella, and must be applied in the first year of life. However, if the child has not been vaccinated, it is important to disinfect objects contaminated with secretions from the throat, mouth and nose, and to avoid contact of the child with other people who may have the illness.

The paper treatment is carried out with the aim of relieving the symptoms, recommending rest and the use of medications to alleviate the ailments, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, for example. Find out how the paperwork is handled.

4. Cancer

Certain types of cancer, especially the lymphatic ones, can cause an increase in the size of the lymph nodes, which in turn causes swelling in the skin. Apart from the swelling of the ganglios, weight loss may occur for no apparent reason, malaise and frequent tiredness, which is why it is important to see a doctor so that tests are carried out and the diagnosis can be established.

What to do: In the event that lymphatic cancer is suspected, the doctor may request several tests, mainly blood count, tomography and biopsy. The treatment of lymphatic cancer is carried out according to the degree of involvement of the lymphatic system, and can be carried out with chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

5. Cushing’s Syndrome

Cushing’s syndrome is an endocrine disease that is characterized by an increase in the concentration of cortisol in the blood, which leads to a rapid increase in weight and accumulation of fat in the abdominal region and in the face, generating swelling in the butt. The diagnosis of this syndrome is carried out by an endocrinologist using blood and urine tests, in which there is a high concentration of the hormone cortisol. Know what is Cushing’s syndrome and its main causes.

What to do: In the event that there is a sudden weight gain, for example, it is important to consult the general physician or endocrinologist so that the diagnosis is carried out and, in this way, the treatment is initiated. This varies according to the cause of the illness: in case of prolonged use of corticosteroids, the recommendation is to suspend the treatment; and if the illness is the result of a pituitary tumor, surgery may be indicated to remove the tumor and, in addition, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

6. Cellulitis

Cellulitis is an infection of the skin that can be caused by a bacteria that infects a specific region of the disease, such as the skin of the skin, for example, where certain lesions occur, such as a herit or an insect bite. This type of infection usually causes symptoms of inflammation, such as swelling, pain, heat and reddening of the zone; and, in addition, it can be associated with fever, temblores and weakness.

What to do: In case you are suspicious of cellulitis, the doctor will examine the area affected by the rash, indicate the treatment with antibiotics and you can request laboratory tests to complement the investigation, such as blood and image tests, for example. If cellulitis is found on the skin or on the face, especially in elderly people or in children, it can be an indication of greater seriousness, because it is probable that the doctor will indicate the administration of drugs by intravenous route during hospitalization.

Know more about cellulitis.

When to go to the doctor

It is important to see a doctor when the soreness lasts more than 3 days and other symptoms arise, such as persistent fever, excessive tiredness, night sweats and weight loss without an apparent cause, for example. Likewise, in case it is determined that the ganglia are enlarged and due to the tact, it is recommended to seek medical advice so that proper procedures are carried out and the cause can be identified.

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