Billings Method: how it works, advantages and disadvantages

The Billings method, best known as Billings, is a natural technique that aims to identify the most fertile days of a woman from the observation of the cervical spine, which can be identified at the entrance to the vagina, making it possible to plan the avoid embarrassment.

The boy indicates the presence of female hormonal alterations and, according to their characteristics, you can inform the woman if there are probabilities that fertilization will occur more easily and if the organism is ready to receive an embarrassment.

Although Billings is useful to inform the days when you can have sexual relations without the risk of becoming embarrassed, it is important to use a condom because, in addition to being a barrier method of contraception, it also protects against sexually transmitted infections.

How does the Billings method work?

The Billings method is based on the characteristics of the cervical spine. For this, it is important that before using the woman, pay attention to the characteristics of the baby, so that you can identify how it behaves during and after the fertile period, as well as note in a notebook daily the presence or absence of the baby, its consistency. y los días that tuvo or no sexual relations.

Some characteristics that may indicate that a woman is in her fertile period are:

  • Greater wetness in the vulva region;
  • thinner and clearer mucus, which could be more consistent or similar to clear huevo;
  • Increase in libido;
  • Increase in body temperature.

In the presence of these characteristics, if there are sexual relations during this period, it is probable that fertilization and subsequent embarrassment will occur. However, if this does not happen, menstruation will decrease, starting another cycle. See how to know the fertile days.

Furthermore, if you are following the Billings method, it is recommended to avoid the use of hormonal drugs, apply spermicides, introduce objects or carry out internal exams in the vagina, as these can cause changes in the cervical spine, making it difficult for the woman to have a correct interpretation. .

However, for more experienced women who use this method for months at a time, it can be easier to identify changes in their cervical spine that could be caused by external situations or even by the presence of some illness.

Features of the Moco

It is important for the woman to recognize the consistency of mucus during the menstrual cycle to avoid a bad interpretation. As the ovulation approaches, the vaginal mucosity changes, being initially small, thick, white in color, viscous and without elasticity. As it progresses, the transition period becomes more pronounced, making it more translucent, liquid and slightly elastic.

Once it is found in fertile days, the mucosity becomes less heavy and light, filamentous, sagging and abundant, as if it was clear of huevo cruda, and is accompanied by swelling and increased volume of the vulva and sexual desire. Know more about the cervical moco and what it indicates.

Advantages of using this method

The advantages of using only this method to make the no embarazada son:

  • It’s a low-cost and easy-to-apply method;
  • It is not necessary to use hormonal drugs that have unpleasant side effects such as headache, swelling and varicose veins;
  • Greater control over the alterations of your body by being daily attentive to what happens in your intimate region;
  • Security to have relationships on the correct days to not run the risk of falling into embarrassment.

In addition, knowing the basic pattern of infertility, which allows you to know in what days a woman can have relationships without the risk of being embarrassed, without the need to use any contraceptive method, observing only the signs of the body on a daily basis.

Is the Billings ovulation method safe?

The Billings ovulation method is safe, has scientific bases and is recommended by the World Health Organization, and when it is performed correctly it protects against embarrassment in the desired up to 99%.

However, adolescents and women who are not aware of their daily menstrual cycle must opt ​​for another contraceptive method, such as condoms, IUDs or contraceptive pills, for example, to avoid unwanted embarrassments, as the Billings method is safe. , the woman must be attentive while present in the vulva every day, noting her changes daily, which can be difficult for some women due to work, study or other occupations.

Disadvantages of using this method

The Billings method may have some disadvantages, such as:

  • In the case of women who want to be embarrassed, this method does not allow to confirm the exact science if ovulation is being produced or in, that is to say, the increase in the cervical moco indicates that ovulation may be close, but does not guarantee that ovulation really succeed;
  • Women over 35 years old may not experience obvious changes in vaginal secretion, so it is necessary to evaluate the internal vaginal discharge;
  • Does not protect against sexually transmitted infections;
  • It interferes with sexual spontaneity, which requires periodic abstinence and modification of sexual behavior.

This method does not work for all people, but the couple must be instructed on its operation and in addition it needs a certain care so that it is effective, it is used to prevent any embarrassment.

See how to choose the best contraceptive method.

How to avoid embarrassment with the Billings method

Although many women use this method to become embarrassed, it is also possible to use it to avoid embarrassment in the desired, being recommended:

  • Having sexual intercourse on alternate days during the days when the woman is aware that her vulva is dry, which usually occurs on the final days of menstruation and on the first days after menstruation;
  • There are no relationships during menstruation due to the fact that during this period it is not possible to verify which is the consistency of the period. Despite the fact that the risk of being embarrassed by having sexual relations during menstruation is low, it could compromise the effectiveness of the billings method;
  • Do not have sexual intercourse when you feel very wet and until 4 days after you start to feel wet.

It is not recommended to have intimate contact without a condom when you feel that the vulva is naturally wet and oozes out during the day, because these signs indicate that it is found during your fertile period and it is very likely that it becomes embarassed. That is why it is important that during this period you maintain sexual abstinence or use a condom to prevent embarrassment.

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