Rectosigmoidoscopy: what is it, what is it for and how is it performed

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The rectosigmoidoscopy is an exam indicated to visualize alterations or illnesses that affect the final portion of the large intestine. For its realization, throughout the year, a tube that can be flexible or rigid is introduced, with a camera at the point, capable of detecting lesions, polyps, foci of bleeding or tumors, for example.

Despite being an exam similar to colonoscopy, the rectosigmoidoscopy differs in that only the rectum and sigmoid colon are visualized, corresponding, on average, to the last 30 cm of the intestine. In addition, complete intestinal lavage or sedation is not required, as occurs during colonoscopy.

Know what it serves and how is the preparation for colonoscopy.

what is it for

The rectosigmoidoscopy serves to evaluate the mucosa of the final part of the intestine, identifying lesions or any alteration in this region. You can indicate yourself in the following situations:

  • Determine presence of mass or rectal tumor;
  • Screen for colorectal cancer;
  • Note the presence of diverticula;
  • Identify and search for the cause of fulminant colitis. Know more about colitis;
  • Detect the origin of hemorrhages;
  • Observe if there are alterations correlated with changes in bowel habits.

Likewise, with the rectosigmoidoscopy, alterations can be visualized through the camera, and it is also possible to perform biopsies so that the alteration can be analyzed in the laboratory and diagnosed.

how is it done

The sigmoidoscopy exam can be performed in an outpatient clinic or in a hospital. The person has to be leaning on a camilla, on their right side and with their legs flexed.

There is no need for sedation, although it is an uncomfortable test, it is not painful. For its realization, the doctor introduces an apparatus throughout the year, called a rectosigmoidoscope, with a diameter of approximately 1 finger, which can be of 2 different types:

  • Hard: it is a solid and metallic apparatus that contains a camera in the point and a light source to observe the trayect, being able to perform biopsies;
  • Flexible: It is a more modern, adjustable device that also contains a camera and a light source, but it is more practical, less uncomfortable and capable of taking photographs of the tray, in addition to biopsies.

Both techniques are effective and capable of identifying and treating the alterations, being able to choose the opinion of the doctor or the availability in the hospital, for example.

The exam lasts around 10 to 15 minutes, when it is not necessary to hospitalize and can return to work on the same day.

How is the previous preparation

For the rectosigmoidoscopy it is not necessary to be on a day or on a special diet, although it is recommended to eat light food on the day of the exam to avoid nausea.

However, it is recommended to perform a cleaning at the end of the large intestine to facilitate visualization in the exam, introducing a glycerin suppository or performing an enema, 4 hours before and repeating it 2 hours before the exam, according to medical advice.

To perform the fleet enema, it is recommended to introduce the medication for the year and wait around 10 minutes for as long as you can without evacuating. See how to perform an enema at home.

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