Fainting (syncope): main causes and what to do

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Fainting can be caused by several factors, such as low pressure, lack of sugar in the blood or being in very hot environments. However, in some cases it can also arise due to heart problems or the nervous system, reason why, in case of feeling faint, the person should lie down or sit down.

The fainting, known scientifically as syncope, is the loss of the conscience that causes a fall and that, before it occurs, some signs and symptoms can appear as: pallor, seas, sweating, blurred vision and weakness.

Common causes of fainting

Any person can faint, even without any illness diagnosed by the doctor. Some of the reasons that can cause fainting include:

  • low pressuremainly, when the person gets up from the bed very quickly, symptoms such as seas, headache, imbalance and sueño may occur;
  • Being more than 4 hours without eatingwhich can cause hypoglycemia, which is the lack of sugar in the blood, which causes symptoms such as temblores, weakness, cold sweating and confusion.
  • convulsions, las cuales can occur due to epilepsy or the blow to the head, for example; causing headaches and causing excessive salivation, teething and even spontaneous defecation and urination;
  • Excessive alcohol consumption or drug use;
  • Side effects of some medications the use of drugs at high doses, such as drugs for pressure or antidiabetics;
  • excessive heatwhich may occur on the beach or during a bath, for example;
  • excessive coldwhich could occur in the nieve;
  • Physical exercise practice very intense for a long time;
  • Anemia, dehydration or severe diarrheawhich causes alteration of the nutrients and minerals necessary for the balance of the organism;
  • Anxiety panic attack;
  • Pain very strong;
  • blow to the head caused by a fall;
  • jackfruitwhich is characterized by a strong headache, pressure in the body and buzzing in the ears;
  • Remain too long of piemainly in hot places and with many people;
  • Al feel afraidof agujas or animals, for example.

Asimism, fainting can be a sign of heart problems, such as arrhythmias or aortic stenosis or brain diseases; This is because most cases of fainting are caused by the reduction in the amount of blood that reaches the brain.

Causes of fainting according to age group

In the following frame, the most common causes of fainting according to the age group are mentioned, which may arise in elderly, young and embarassed:


Children and teenagers


Low pressure upon awakening.

Prolonged ayuno.

High doses of oral antihypertensives or hypoglycemic agents. Dehydration or diarrhea. Low pressure.
Heart problems, such as arrhythmia or aortic stenosis. Consumption of drugs or excess of alcohol. Stay a long time against the mouth of the top of the pie.

However, any cause of fainting may arise in any age and period of life.

What if you have a feeling of fainting?

Even though you are going to faint and present symptoms such as mareo, weakness or blurred vision, the person must lean in the soil, placing the legs at a higher level in relation to the body or sitting and leaning the trunk towards them legs. Asimism, one must avoid stressful situations and remain in the same position for a long time.

See more details on what to do in case of fainting.

how to avoid it

To avoid fainting, follow the following recommendations:

  • Drink a lot of liquid throughout the day and eat every 3 hours;
  • Avoid exposure to heat, especially in summer;
  • Get up out of bed, sitting down first before stopping;
  • Record the situations that generally cause the sensation of fainting, such as removing the blood or receiving an injection, and informing the nurse or pharmacist about this possibility.

It is very important to avoid fainting, if possible, because the person can be injured or suffer a fracture due to the fall, due to which the person completely loses consciousness suddenly.

when to go to the doctor

Normally, after fainting, it is necessary to go to a medical consultation to try to find out the cause. There are cases where it is essential that the person immediately comes to medical emergencies:

  • If there is any illness, such as diabetes, epilepsy or heart problems;
  • After performing physical exercise;
  • In case of a blow to the head;
  • In case the fainting lasts more than 3 minutes;
  • If other symptoms are present, such as intense pain, vomiting or drowsiness;
  • If you faint frequently;
  • If you vomit a lot or have severe diarrhea.

In these cases, the patient needs to be evaluated by a doctor to check the health status and, if necessary, carry out more specific tests, such as blood tests or tomography, for example. See how to prepare for a computerized tomography.

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