8 ways to relieve pain during labor

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Pain in labor is caused by contractions of the uterus and dilatation of the uterus, which resembles intense menstrual cramps that come and go, starting lightly and increasing in intensity little by little.

During labor, pain can be relieved through natural resources, without the need for medication, through relaxation and breathing. Lo ideal es que la mujer, y queen la accompaña, they are informed of these techniques in prenatal consultations so that they can take advantage of the best way during labor.

Although pain is not completely eliminated, many prenatal instructors suggest using some of these techniques so that the woman is more comfortable during labor.

There are some alternative low cost and accessible methods in most places where childbirth will take place to relieve pain during childbirth:

1. Have a companion

La mujer has the right to have a companion at the moment of childbirth, ya sea la pareja, los padres or some nearby person.

One of the functions of the companion is helping the pregnant woman to relax and one of the ways to do it is through massages with circular movements in the arms and on the back during labor.

Because the contractions are muscle efforts that make the woman tense, performing massages between each contraction produces comfort and helps to relax.

2. Change position

Avoid leaning against the straight back and staying in the same position for more than 1 hour can help relieve pain during childbirth. Acostarse is a position that obliges the woman to make a greater abdominal effort in which she would sit or stand, for example, increasing the pain.

In this way, the embarassed person can opt for a position that allows him to relieve the pain, such as:

  • Arrodillarse with the inclined body on pillows or a birthing pellet;
  • Putting yourself on the sidelines and supporting the companionhugging your cuello;
  • Position of 4 supports on top of the bedhaving strength with the arms, as if I was studying pushing the mattress for abajo;
  • Sit on the floor with the legs openfolding the backrest in the direction of the pies;
  • Use the pilates pellet: the embarazada can sit on the ball and perform small rotating movements, as if you were studying drawing the number ocho sobre la misma.

In addition to these positions, the woman can use a seat to sit in different ways, identifying which is the position that helps to relax more easily during contraction. The instructions can be seen in the following images:

Positions to relieve pain

Positions to relieve pain

Relieve pain with help from a sila

Relieve pain with help from a sila

3. Walk

Staying on the move during the first stage of labor, it helps to stimulate dilatation, in addition to relieving pain, especially when you are still on foot, and it helps the baby’s descent through the birth canal.

In this way, walking around where childbirth will take place can reduce discomfort and help strengthen and regulate contractions.

4. Tibia water therapy

Sitting under the shower tray with a water dispenser on the back or leaning on the hydromassage basin are options that can help relax and relieve pain.

Not all of the maternity rooms have hospitals with a baby or shower in the room, so to use this method of relaxation during childbirth it is important to organize yourself in advance to give birth to a unit that has these facilities.

5. Application of heat or cold

Applying a compress of hot water or a packet of hielo wrapped in a cloth on the back can reduce muscle tension, improving circulation and reducing pain.

The water with more extreme temperatures dilates the peripheral vessels and redistributes the blood flow, promoting that the muscles relax.

6. Control your breathing

The type of breathing changes from the moment of childbirth, for example, during contractions it is better to breathe slowly and deeply to oxygenate better the body of the mother and baby. At the moment of expulsion, when the baby is coming out, a shorter and faster breathing is indicated.

In addition, deep breathing also reduces adrenaline, which is the hormone responsible for stress, helping to control anxiety that often intensifies pain.

7. Music therapy

Listening to songs of the preference of the woman through audiophones can help to divert attention from pain, reducing anxiety and helping to relax.

8. Perform exercise during pregnancy

Regular physical activity improves breathing and belly muscles, giving the woman more control at the time of childbirth at the time of pain relief.

In addition, there are exercises for the pelvic and perineal muscles that promote relief and reduce the possibilities of injuries when selling the baby, and that strengthens the area of ​​the muscles of the vagina, making them more flexible and strong.

When is necessary to use anesthesia

In some cases, when the natural resources are not enough, the woman can resort to epidural anesthesia, which consists in the administration of an anesthetic in the spine capable of eliminating the pain of the waist there was below without altering the level of consciousness of her. a woman during labor, in addition to allowing her to witness childbirth without feeling pain during contractions. See what are the stages of childbirth.

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