How to cure a burn (1st, 2nd and 3rd grade)

The cure for first-grade burns and small second-grade burns can be done at home, using cold compresses and ointments purchased at the pharmacy, for example.

The cure for more serious burns, such as third degree burns, must always be carried out in the hospital or in the center or in the burn unit, which are serious and require special care to prevent infections.

Cure for burns of degree

To cure this type of burn it is recommended:

  1. Immediately wash the area with cold water and neutral soap for more than 5 minutes, to cool the skin and keep it clean and free from microorganisms;
  2. In the first hours, apply a compress of cold potable watercambiándola when ya in est fría;
  3. Apply a thin layer of a good moisturizing cream, avoiding the use of vaseline, as the grease can worsen the burn.

Sunburns, by general, are first-grade burns, and the use of a lotion after the sun, such as Caladryl, throughout the body, can help alleviate the pain and prevent the skin from peeling. It is also important to use sunscreen and avoid exposure to the sun in the hottest hours.

Also see a home remedy that you can use to accelerate healing.

Cure for 2nd degree burns

The cure for minor burns of the 2nd degree can be performed at home, following the following steps:

  1. Wash the burned area with water for more than 10 minutes to clean the region and reduce pain;
  2. Avoid breaking the ampoules that it has been formed, but it is necessary to use a sterilized needle;
  3. Apply a gas with silver sulfadiazine ointment al 1%;
  4. Sell ​​the area carefully with a sale.

In burns larger than 1 span, it is recommended to go to the emergency room for a dressing by a professional, since the risk of infection is greater.

After healing, to prevent the area from becoming stained, it is recommended to apply a sunscreen greater than 50 SPF and protect the area from the sun.

Heal for burn of degree

The cure for this type of burns must always be carried out at the hospital or at the center or the burn unit, which is a serious burn. In most of these situations, for the general it is necessary to remain hospitalized to replace lost fluids or to perform skin grafts, for example.

Before any doubts about the depth and severity of the burn, one should seek specialized medical help, calling for emergencies or firefighters. Find out more about how to remove scars from burns.

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