Tongue scraper: learn how to choose the best option

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Having a good oral hygiene goes far beyond just brushing your teeth. The tongue is the region that most comes in contact with food, making it an area conducive to the accumulation of food residues and dead cells.

Therefore, it is very important to use a tongue scraper to eliminate the layer of bacteria that causes a whitish appearance, which can lead to cavities, gingivitis and bad breath.

To help you better understand how a tongue scraper works and how to choose the ideal model for cleaning your mouth, Minha Vida answered some questions on the subject, check it out!

What is a tongue scraper?

The scraper works as a kind of specific brush to use on the tongue, helping to remove toxins from the region that are responsible for giving the white tongue appearance, also known as tongue coating.

The coating is formed by flaky cells and food that causes a buildup of bacteria. This whitish layer on the lingual surface is what causes bad breath.

Why should I use a tongue scraper?

The benefits of using a tongue scraper are numerous. It is used to remove the bacterial layer, dead cells and different types of waste that accumulate in the region. It helps to improve breath, prevents cavities and gum disease and also improves taste.

How to use a scraper?

After cleaning the teeth using the toothpaste and floss, moisten the mouth with a little water and place the rounded part of the scraper at the end of the tongue, approximately at the height of the last tooth, and slowly pull towards the tip of the tongue. . Repeat this process two to three times or until all the coating comes out, keeping the area always moist to facilitate cleaning.

What are the types of tongue scraper?

There are some scraper models on the market, those with bristles, without bristles and mixed ones. Bristle options are usually of plastic and nylon and tend to accumulate bacteria between the fibers, reducing the useful life of the object. The options without bristle can be plastic, copper and stainless steel.

Are there any contraindications to use?

Care must be taken when using. People with geographic tongue, burning tongue, canker sores, cold sores, cuts and wounds cannot use the scraper. If your mouth is sore, your tongue is burned or bruised, or even if you feel nauseous often and easily, avoid using it.

Five models of tongue scraper

Scraper cleaner 100% pure copper, Yogateria – R$ 59.00

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Yogaterapia’s tongue scraper is made of pure copper with a modern and comfortable design. With it you will be able to remove bacteria and improve the taste, in addition to preventing possible infections and cavities. find in amazon for R$59.00.

Tongue scraper with covers, Basic Concepts – R$ 39.90

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Eliminate bad breath and ensure a bacteria-free tongue with the Basic Concepts scraper. The kit has two wipers and covers so you can take it anywhere. Composed of stainless steel, it does not rust and does not oxidize offering quality and durability. Available at amazon for R$39.90.

Tongue cleaner without bristles, Dentalclean – R$6.90

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Made with durable plastic, the bristleless cleaner is an essential accessory to keep your oral hygiene up to date. The ergonomic handle fits perfectly in the hand, providing more comfort during use. Ideal for fresh breath and no coating. on sale at amazon for R$6.90.

Tongue cleaner with bristles, Dentalclean – R$ 15.90

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Similar to a toothbrush, Dentalclean’s tongue cleaner cleans the area, keeping your breath fresh longer than regular scrapers. It is ideal for those looking for a healthy tongue free of dead cells. find in amazon for R$15.90.

Tongue brush, Bitufo – R$ 13.69

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The tongue brush is also a great option for those who want to maintain oral hygiene. It eliminates food residues that remain on the tongue and helps in the fight against possible diseases and cavities that can arise in the region. Available at amazon for R$13.69.

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