15 Signs of the Condition That Caused Claudia Jimenez’s Death

The actress died last Saturday (20), at age 63, due to heart failure; know the symptoms

The actress and comedian Claudia Jimenez died last Saturday (20), at the age of 63, as a result of a cardiac insufficiency, according to information published by TV Globo. The artist was hospitalized in a hospital in the south of Rio de Janeiro and had previously undergone surgical interventions, such as the introduction of saphenous bypasses in the heart, replacement of the aortic valve and placement of a pacemaker.

Heart failure is a disease in which the heart can no longer pump enough blood to the rest of the body and cannot meet its needs. The condition can affect only one side of the heart or both.

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In Brazil, the disease affects about three million people and its incidence is approx. 240 thousand new cases per year, according to the Brazilian Society of Cardiology. It is estimated that the disease will increase by 25% by 2030, according to the World Heart Federationdue to increased risk factors such as obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

The disease presents symptoms slowly. Over time, breathing problems and other signs of the condition become more noticeable. Check out the main heart failure symptoms:

  • Shortness of breath during physical activity or right after lying down for a while;

  • Cough;

  • Swelling of the feet and ankles;

  • Swelling of the abdomen;

  • Weight gain;

  • Irregular or rapid pulse;

  • Sensation of feeling the heartbeat (palpitations);

  • Difficulty sleeping;

  • Fatigue, weakness, fainting;

  • Loss of appetite, indigestion;

  • Decreased attention or concentration;

  • Decreased volume of urine;

  • Nausea and vomiting;

  • Need to urinate at night;

  • Babies may sweat during feeding (or other activity).

There are cases of asymptomatic patients with heart failure. In these people, symptoms may appear under the following conditions:

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How to diagnose and treat heart failure?

Heart failure can be treated through the patient’s medical history and also through physical examinations. Imaging and laboratory tests can complement the diagnosis, helping for a better targeted treatment.

In this case, the doctor may order a blood test, which may point to a high dose of a protein that protects the heart, an x-ray and an echocardiogram, to assess the size and performance of the organ and its muscles. Other tests may be requested, such as CT angiography, cardiac resonance and coronary cineangiography.

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Treatment is indicated according to each patient’s condition, including the causes of heart failure, symptoms and clinical complications presented. In general, recommendations include: restriction of salt consumption, excess fluids, physical activity and correct use of medication.

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