Broken penis? Understand how this can happen and what to do

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Some men may have already experienced an unusual (and somewhat frightening) situation: penis fracture. Indeed, there is a condition that resembles a “break” in the male member, but how can this happen? And what to do in such a case?

First, it is important to know that there are no bones in the penis. So, unlike other fractures, which are breaks in a bone, a “broken” penis is the result of a tear that happens in the inner lining of the organ, called the tunica albuginea. This rip occurs, as a rule, when the penis is erect and suffers some type of trauma.

The tunica albuginea is an internal capsule that surrounds the erectile tissue of the penis, including serving as a containment for the increased blood flow that occurs during an erection. When a tear in the tunica albuginea occurs, blood from the erection leaks out and causes a hematoma, which leaves the penis purple and swollen. Because of the aspect that the organ assumes, we use the term eggplant deformity.

How does penis breakage occur?

And what can cause a penile fracture? As stated above, this situation always occurs when the penis is erect and suffers some stronger trauma, usually during a penetration in which the organ escapes and, when it enters again, it hits the wrong place.

These “scares” can be commonplace when they happen with a smaller force. However, when the beating occurs with a higher energy, it can be enough to cause a tear in the tunica albuginea, causing the fracture. Another important piece of information is that the fracture has more likely when erection is partial (the so-called “half-bomb”) – which is relevant since, according to Omens research in partnership with Datafolha, a third of Brazilians had a weak erection in the last 2 years.

Symptoms of Penile Fracture

At the time of the fracture, it is possible to hear a sound of something breaking, as a click. After that, start formation of a hematoma, which is a buildup of blood under the skin, turning the penis purple. Another sign that appears soon after the fracture is a partial loss of erection stiffness. Thus, the penis becomes swollen, painful and dark.

In some cases, there may also be a urethral rupture, which is the channel that takes urine from the bladder to the external environment. The main indication of this occurrence is the presence of blood in the urine. But fortunately, the urethra is only damaged in a minority of penile fracture cases.

What to do when the penis “breaks”?

When noticing a possible fracture in the penis, the first thing is keep calm and stop sexual intercourse. Then it is recommended to go to an emergency room immediately. There, a doctor will assess the possibility of diagnosis through physical examination and the patient’s clinical history.

Despite being a very typical picture, sometimes the realization of a penis ultrasound can help confirm the picture and also elucidate the exact point of rupture of the tunica albuginea.

Penile fracture treatment

Amazingly, in some cases, it is possible not to perform a surgical correction of the fracture – what we call conservative treatment. For this, it is essential that there is no injury to the urethra, and it is also a mild case with a small hematoma that is not expanding.

Even so, conservative treatment for penile fractures, in general, has worse results than surgical intervention. Although healing occurs spontaneously, the conduct of not performing surgery carries greater risks of penile curvature, fibrosis of the tunica albuginea or even erection problems.

The gold standard treatment for penile fracture is surgical correction. The access route is through an incision similar to that of circumcision. Through this cut, we can access the rupture point of the tunica albuginea, remove the hematoma and correct the defect caused by the fracture with stitches.

Ideally, the surgery should be performed within 24 hours of the fracture, as according to scientific studies, this is the period that presents the best results and the lowest risk of complications. Therefore, when these principles are respected, the treatment of penile fracture has an excellent prognosis.

In addition, during recovery, it is necessary for the person to respect a period of sexual abstinence, typically for at least 6 weeks. After this period, in the vast majority of cases, the penis recovers, becoming very similar to what it was before the fracture.

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